Why “For Sale By Owners” need realtors in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

As a realtor specializing in Mount Laurel, it is always shocking to me when I contact a “for sale by owner” and I get a nasty response such as “we are not working with a realtor” or “we have a friend in the business.”

What many for sale by owners in Mount Laurel, might not realize is that homes sell for 32% higher when using a realtor, according to NAR.  While this brings up a great point, it is important to also understand that sometimes realtors might not be calling to just get the listing as you might assume.


For instance, our team might have a buyer that is looking in a specific neighborhood.  Your home, not listed with a realtor, does not come up in the MLS.  That could prompt a phone call where we might be trying to help you.

Secondly, what if there is a relocating buyer?  Maybe they are moving from across the country and they have been put in touch with a realtor as part of the relocation package for their move to Mount Laurel.  In this case, they will only be getting information from their realtor streamed from the MLS.  It would be very difficult for them to see or even know your home is available for sale.

Lastly, you never know when you might need help or advice.  As a “for sale by owner” in Mount Laurel, the goal is naturally to sell your home, on your own.  In the event that this does not happen, you do not want to alienate realtors that contact you.  You never know if you might need their help at some point.  If you upset one of the top agents in your community and they have a potential buyer, but were not treated right by you when you hung up on them, they might be less likely to mention your home to their pre-approved client.

Selling your home whether on your own or with a realtor is still a business transaction. You have something to sell, and people will call and email you.  That is what happens when you have a product for sale!  If you owned a company, you would treat the employees and any visitors that stopped by to meet with your organization politely and professionally.  Why should selling your home by any different?

As a personal investor myself, I can understand the pros of listing your home “for sale by owner” in Mount Laurel.  However, it is very important to talk to realtors that might call or email you.  You might get advice or consider opinions you never have considered.  You want to build strong networks with those realtors because they have good contacts.  Whether it be a handyman, home inspector, appraiser or plumber that you need down the line, you will be happy that you treated them professionally, as they did you.


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