Why February is a great Time to Buy a Home in South Jersey

It seems like anytime you ask a South Jersey realtor when is a good time to buy, they will always tell you, “Right now!”

Why Is That?
Well, you could essentially always find a good reason to buy at a particular time. For example, maybe rates are low at that point, or there is a ton of inventory on the market to choose from. There can be many reasons as to why it is a good time to buy.

But It’s Cold Outside!
Historically, the best time to get the best deal as a buyer in South Jersey is to wait until cold months. Why? Well, simple, most people are not thinking about looking for a house! They are out buying holiday gifts, or many are getting ready for the new year. In any event, when it is cold outside, there are few buyers out looking for home. Fewer buyers means less competition! So, considering February is the last “Cold” month before spring comes, coupled with the low rates, now might be one of the best times.

Waiting Until Spring
It is not necessarily bad to wait until spring to find your dream home in South Jersey. Of course, you will have more selection and it will be easier to see many homes while the weather is nice and crisp as opposed to cold, snowy and dreary, but keep in mind, that is what everyone else looking for a home is also doing…. waiting for warm weather!

Investors Love Snow!
For many investors of real estate, you will notice most of them are buying properties November-February and Fixing them March-April then renting or selling them May-September. There is a reason for this! They have timed the market in order to find the best deals for them when they buy, the cold months, and to maximize the profit when they sell, the warm months.

These are just a few tips to consider when buying or potentially selling a home in today’s market. With an ever changing market in South Jersey, it is always best to stay on top of any market trends, inventories and rates to make the best financial decision and investments for you and your family.

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