Where is the best place to advertise your home for sale in South Jersey?

There are many great places to advertise your home for sale in South Jersey.  Contrary to popular belief, advertising in the local newspaper is not the most effective way.  Many South Jersey homeowners feel that advertising in the local paper is a good idea because years ago, that was the only way to sell a home.  Today, things are much different, and the way buyers get their information has really shifted.

Searching Online

In a study done as recently as 2011, it is noted that over 83% of buyers start their search online.  They visit popular websites like realtor.com or trulia.com to see what homes are listed for sale.  Having access to photos, descriptions, public information and the listing history, allows many South Jersey buyers that ability to gather much information as possible in a short period of time.

It is imperative if you are listing your home for sale, to have it advertised on as many websites as possible, so that you can “reach” more buyers.  Even though you are selling a home in South Jersey, there may be other great sites that your realtor can advertise to attract more clients such as relocation sites, military sites, specific neighborhood sites or Philadelphia Real Estate sites.

Social Media

As with many buyers going online to find properties, they are also getting information from family, friends, co-workers and other networks.  Many times when buyers login to facebook, they might see an ad about a home for sale in an area that they are looking. Having a realtor who is social media friendly is a benefit, because you know that not only is your home advertised on a ton of websites, but they are also actively targeting social networking to find more buyers.

It is also good to know what is going on your local neighborhood.  For instance, we have a few website pages on facebook, including “South Jersey” and “South Jersey Real Estate.”  These websites allow us to connect with buyers and sellers in the area that are looking to buy and sell.  It helps connecting these contacts as well as finding other real estate professionals so that the information is spread further than it would normally spread.


Lastly, many buyers are relocating into or out of South Jersey.  With this being said, you can see how relevant it is to advertise on as many websites as possible since these clients are not driving by your home for sale.  Having your home advertised on different popular websites, social media and other online outlets, will maximize the chance that a relocating buyer would see your home for sale to as many buyers as possible.  Keep in mind, the more buyers… the more potential offers!


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