What is a CDPE Agent and how can I find one in South Jersey?

Basic Types of Realtors in South Jersey

In South Jersey, there are many types of real estate agents. Most commonly, there are Sellers Agents, Buyers Agents, Dual Agents and Transaction Agents. The first two, are pretty self explanatory, whereas the second two, most people may not know about. A Dual Agent is someone who works with both the seller and the buyer on the same transaction.  A transaction agent is an agent who merely handles the paperwork between two parties but does not do the traditional marketing, appointment setting and other activities that go into selling or buying a home.  These are the most basic types of real estate agents in South Jersey.  However, for many sellers, they might need a more specific type of agent.

CDPE Agents (Certified Distressed Property Experts)

For many homeowners in South Jersey, experiencing a true hardship is a sad reality for them. They may have begun missing mortgage payments due to a change in employment or death of a loved one. For whatever the reason, these homeowners are in some type of distress. A CDPE agent, or Certified Distressed Property Expert is a realtor who is specifically trained in helping there homeowners figure out options to avoid foreclosure.

Why Would I need a CDPE Agent?

If you are a homeowner whose situation has changed financially, a CDPE agent can be a great asset to you and your family in South Jersey. Most homeowners who are facing this type of situation are scared, sad, embarrassed and overwhelmed. They are not sure what to do, where to go, or what options they have. Working directly with one of these specialized agents is the best course of action to take. They are training in helping figure out what options there might be as an alternative to foreclosure. Understanding your options and contacting one of these types of realtors sooner rather than later will be your best chance at having the most options.

Where would I find a CDPE Agent in South Jersey?

The main website in finding a CDPE agent is here. By going to this website, you will be able to enter your town and zip code and find a local agent who can work with you. Also, should you want more resources or answers to questions, a great local website to check out is www.ShortSaleSouthJersey.com. This website is geared towards helping homeowners understand the process, evaluate their options, and be informed of the most up to date information regarding distressed situations.

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