Tips to Finding a Great Real Estate Agent in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

So you have decided to sell your home in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and you are thinking of which realtor to call.  Here are 5 Tips to choosing a great realtor for you

1. Ask Family, Friend and Neighbors for a Recommendation

If you have recently had a family, friend or neighbor use a realtor they loved, it doesn’t hurt to ask them if they can reach out to that realtor too.  Realtors are no different than doctors or lawyers.  You are not “in the market” for one until you really need them.  Most  industry professionals find their business from referrals like this, just as a doctor or lawyer would do.  If your sister just moved and loved her realtor, chances are, you might too.  Of course, it is an added bonus if they specialize in Mount Laurel!

2. Do Your Research 

Most of the time you will be able to find out a ton of information about local realtors in South Jersey.  If you live in a town such as Mount Laurel, there are a good mix of agents to choose from.  Some are lifetime residents.  Some are involved in the communities and schools and some are experts at certain neighborhoods.  You can find out a ton of information online by looking at websites, reviews and reading blogs like this.

3. Meet with a couple of Agents

If you are not sure which agent you want to call, it is always suggested to call a few.  This way you can meet with each and see who you get along with.  Although all of the information that they will give you on the market conditions are the same (it is all on public records) personalities, experience and marketing plans are different.  Let each agent explain to you why they would be a good fit.  If you feel good meeting with them, chances are you will feel most comfortable when it comes time for the harder things such as negotiations, contracts and closing.

4. Decide what is important to you

For each homeowner there are different things that might be important to you when choosing a realtor.  Is it important that they have a college degree?  Should they live in the area?  Does it matter how long they have been in real estate? Do you want them to have a team or be an individual agent? Does the agency matter to you? These are all questions that you should want to know, or maybe adding your own qualifications.  Once you have established what you want, weeding through what you don’t want becomes that much more easier!

5. Set Expectations

Many homeowners complain that after the agent got the listing, they never heard from them again.  Make sure in the beginning you establish what your expectations are.  Is it important to get feedback from showings? How will they set up the appointments? Does the realtor or realtor team have a set marketing plan? Office time for questions? Returned phone call policy? Keep in mind this person is going to be handling the biggest investment you might make in your lifetime.  Make sure you feel completely comfortable with how they work.  If not, then meet with another realtor that you feel more in tune with.

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