The benefits of working with a young realtor in South Jersey

When your family decides it is time to buy or sell a home in South Jersey, the decision of which type of realtor becomes an important one.  There are many benefits from choosing to work with a young realtor.  What many people don’t consider is the way people buy and sell real estate today is very different from years ago.  By choosing to work with a young realtor, you get all the benefits of having someone who is up to date with current market trends and the successful way of helping a client buy or sell a South Jersey home in today’s market.  So, why is it important to work with a young realtor?

1. Advertising has changed

It wasn’t long ago when people would put a sign in their yard or advertise in the newspaper and that was all it took to attract a buyer.  In today’s market, over 80% of buyers begin their search online.  For agents that have been in the business for 20+ years, they might not be as up to date on advertising online, SEO, building websites, blogging, and working with social media.  These are all the new ways that today’s buyers and sellers in South Jersey are finding homes to buy and sell.

2. Networking has changed

Years ago, real estate agents would promote their listings to other realtors in sales meetings or other networking events.  Today, it takes an out of the box realtor to accomplish this successfully.  One of the benefits of working with a young realtor in South Jersey is that they still do all of these things, but they also are able to network in other ways such as investment club meetings, through social media, school events, volunteer events, and other unlikely places.

3. Schedules have changed

Many realtors who have been in the business for a long time work the traditional hours of 9-5.  There have been lots of times where I contacted a real estate agency only to have to leave a voicemail Friday night and wait for a callback days later.  One of the benefits of working with a young realtor in South Jersey, is they are most likely to be working late hours, returning emails from their smart phone, or updating their website later into the day or night.  Not every agent has a smart phone where they can respond right away from an email, and not every agent has a website.  This could be the difference between getting an offer for your seller or that same buyer calling another agent to see a different home.

4. Negotiations have changed

What worked in the past does not necessarily work today.  In today’s market clients expect you to really go to bat for them and quickly.  This includes responding right away to an offer that was emailed or scanning a client a survey or copy of  an appraisal.    Imagine if you were in an open house and wanted to put in an offer right away before a second potential buyer would be able to. Working with a tech savvy agent would allows you to electronically from a smart device.

5. What clients want has changed

Today’s buyers want different things in a home versus years ago.  Many clients are looking for tech savvy upgrades, solar technology and creative financing.  For example, many buyers are interested in distressed listings that need different types of financing such as 203K mortgages.  By working with a young realtor, they might have more knowledge or connections to mortgage professionals that do these types of loans.  The difference between knowing traditional financing (conventional, FHA, etc) and creative financing could be the difference of being able to buy (or sell) that house for your client.

As you can see, there are many benefits of working with a young realtor in South Jersey.  Buying or selling a home is a important decision, and one that takes a lot of thought.  By choosing an agent you trust, you are more likely to have a fast and smooth transaction.


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