South Jersey Real Estate – What we do for each seller

When choosing a realtor to sell your home in South Jersey, there are a few things that make the difference between listing your home for sale and actually selling your home.  In today’s market, many South Jersey homeowners complain, “I listed my home with X Realtor, and never heard from them again!”

What are some of the things that our team does in order to sell your home quickly and for top dollar?

Marketing Campaign

Marketing and advertising your home for sale in South Jersey is the most important aspect in attracting not only a buyer, but the right buyer, someone who is approved, committed and motivated.  With over 80% of buyer looking for homes online first, and many relocating clients moving into the area, we have structured a very high end and diverse modern marketing campaign for all of our listings:

  • Direct Mail Campaign will deliver full color 2-sided postcards to all homes within a certain radius of your home and our buyers/investors network in order to allow neighbors and potential clients know the property is now for sale.
  • Your home is listed on over 100 different websites in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area.  In addition to the most popular websites such as MLS Trend,, Trulia, and Zillow, your home will also be listed in several others as well as our own team, local and company websites.
  • Social Media, Fan Pages, and Blogging in order to connect with others through Facebook and Twitter to find a buyer who might not have otherwise known the home was for sale.  In today’s market, most people are “sharing” what they like with friends and family online and we do not want to miss this buyer.
  • Call and Email blast will be done to past clients who may have been looking in your neighborhood, realtors who have sold a home in the neighborhood in the last 2 years or any past potential clients of ours who may have visited another listing in the area and would be a good fit for your home.

Full Service Team

When you list your home for sale, your relationship is not just with your realtor.  Your realtor is the quarterback of the team.  However, without the other teammates, selling your home would not be possible.  Our team provides a strong network for our clients by offering the following:

  • Buyers Agents.  These agents are working with buyers in order to qualify them, complete buyer consultations and figure out time frames and price ranges that work for the buyer.
  • Appointment Center.  This center will be contacting you, the client, to approve any appointments so that you know when someone will be bringing a qualified buyer to your home.  The appointment center will contact you via phone or email, and you will be provided with a confirmation email as well as feedback from the showing.
  • In House Title and Mortgage companies.  While you do not need to use our internal resources, it is nice to know that we have them there to help you with your titles, deeds and affidavits or to make sure that potential buyers are pre-approved before seeing your home if they do not already have a bank that they are working with.


There are tons of realtors out there, and we call come from different walks of life.  Here is a little bit about my background to assure you that my background is structured for that of a top realtor.

  • Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Delaware in Marketing and Management
  • Strong background in corporate sales, negotiation and customer service
  • Personal investor and owner of multiple properties in NJ, PA as well as the shore.  This helps me to understand different needs you might have such as renting, working with investors or fixing up a home.
  • Lifetime Medford and Mount Laurel resident.  We know the area, the communities, schools and neighborhoods.


For the seller, the most important part of the puzzle is the communication.  Another words, how will you feel comfortable after we leave, that any questions you have can be answered?

  • We come highly recommended.  If you want to see what our past clients have said, just click here.
  • We offer a direct communication via email or phone.  You will always hear back from us, no later than 3 hours, and most likely instantaneously if via email or text.
  • We can set up appointment times for a weekly communication with any updates.
  • We provide feedback immediately and automatically after a showing to your email address
  • We present offers right away and in many cases, will get multiple offers for you

As you can see, selling your home in South Jersey today is quite different than what it was years ago.  Buyers are more educated, have less time, and know more about what they want.  It takes a tech savvy realtor who can reach out to these clients and connect right away.  With our marketing plan, we have been very successful in finding buyers and tenants for your property quickly and for top dollar.



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