Profit Sharing at Keller Williams Realty

Becoming a real estate agent is a very rewarding and fun career at Keller Williams Realty. One of the perks that Keller Williams Realty offers is Profit Sharing.

Profit Sharing is a way for the agents and brokers of the company to bring in new agents. As you can imagine many people decide to work for one agency over another and may interview with several companies prior to selecting one. At Keller Williams, agents are offered profit share in order to encourage agents to attract additional realtors for the firm.

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Here is a short video explaining how profit share works:

How Profit Share Works

While many agencies might offer a one-time fee for bringing on another real estate agent, Keller Williams Realty is different.  Keller Williams Realty offers profit share which enable agents to really grow the business through passive income.  Essentially, you are growing a profit share tree, which will help you as you get deeper into your career.

With Keller Williams as one as the fastest growing and largest real estate agencies, it is clear why so many agents choose to work there! To date, Keller Williams has paid out over $1M in profit share to its agents.

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