Million Dollar Homes for Sale in Mount Laurel, Medford, Marlton, Moorestown and Cherry Hill, New Jersey

There are close to 70 active listings that are offered at 1 Million Dollars or more in desirable  South Jersey towns including Mount Laurel, Medford, Marlton, Moorestown, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Who Buys a Million Dollar Home?

Million Dollar plus homes in South Jersey are popular among athletes, business owners and others with inheritances.  Many of the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies and Flyers choose to live in South Jersey to be close to practice and still have the added space and privacy that South Jersey towns offer.  Also, many celebrities will choose South Jersey as well to be close to Philadelphia and New York City, but with that added space.  Often, prominent business owners in South Jersey choose to live here so that they can be close to work, for the great school districts or because they are familiar with the area. Many of these prominent citizens, athletes and celebrities choose to live in towns such as Mount Laurel, Medford, Moorestown, Cherry Hill and Marlton.

How Can I search for Million Dollar Homes in South Jersey?

Working with a Luxury realtor will be your best way at understanding what is on the market today in this price range.  To see homes for sale that are located in Medford, Mount Laurel, Marlton, Moorestown and Cherry Hill, please see list below:

Currently Listed Homes for Sale in Mount Laurel, Medford, Marlton, Moorestown and Cherry Hill

What features can I expect in Million Dollar Homes in South Jersey?

There are several upgraded and outstanding features you can expect in your million dollar home.  Of course, these homes boast expansive lot sizes often with pools, clubhouses, tennis courts and added privacy.  The square footage of these homes start at upwards of 6,000 square feet and go up in size from there.  The kitchens and bathrooms will spare no expense including state of the art appliances, materials and hardware in the dramatic layouts.  Many of the features you will see on celebrity homes on TV and online, share the same attributes in Mount Laurel, Moorestown, Medford, Cherry Hill and Marlton, New Jersery.

Million Dollar Realtors in South Jersey

There are several ways to find agents who specialize in Million dollar properties in South Jersey.   Most importantly, you want to make sure that they are familiar with the neighborhood and community in which you are interested in.  For many agents who have worked in the past with athletes,  have signed a confidentiality agreement prohibiting them from discussing the clients they have worked with.  This, in turn, provides to be rather difficult in obtaining references for a realtor who has previously helped several of the athletes who have moved in and out of South Jersey.  Therefore, the best advice to take when choosing a top agent is to make sure you are comfortable with them, that they have your best interest in mind, they are savvy of different resources and have great follow-up skills.

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