Lenders Provide Large Cash Incentive to Homeowners to Short Sale in South Jersey

In Cherry Hill, there are quite a few families who may be facing foreclosure.  A short sale, is a great alternative  for many homeowners in order to avoid foreclosure in South Jersey.  If you are a homeowner who is behind in your mortgage, you can prepare yourself with information and act quickly in order to have the most options possible.

What types of realtors can help families facing foreclosure?

In Cherry Hill, there is a small and distinct group of realtors who are trained to handle short sale listings.  These realtors have undergone extensive training in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the short sale process, experience in dealing with lenders, and the ability to remain sensitive to the homeowners feelings.

These realtors have been awarded with the Designation of “Certified Distressed Property Expert,” or more commonly called, a CDPE Agent.  This designation takes quite a bit of learning and testing.  It is no wonder that only a small handful of realtors have obtained this designation.  By choosing to work with a Certified Distressed Property Agent in Cherry Hill, you are making sure that you are being taken care of if any questions come up about the process.

Lenders Providing Cash Incentives?

In recent news, major publications including USA TODAY and CNNMoney have spotlighted the incentives provided by banks. These incentive programs, which offer anywhere from around $2,000 to upwards of $35,000, are intended to provide homeowners with the resources and motivation to pursue a short sale.

“Our team can speak from experience when we tell you that we recently helped a distressed homeowner in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  With the Chase Outreach program, the bank was able to provide the homeowner with a $35,000 cash incentive to complete the short sale instead of facing foreclosure.  The Cherry Hill homeowner was more than grateful when our team was able to acquire a buyer quickly with several back up buyers.  This allowed the homeowner to move past this difficult chapter in his life, ” according to Alex Charfen of the Charfen Institute.

How to Locate a Qualified CDPE Realtor in Cherry Hill

There are many places where you can find CDPE Agents online.   If you feel more comfortable speaking with a representative, there is also a toll free 800 number where someone can pair you with a realtor.  Keep in mind, you want to make sure that you are contacting a realtor that has this designation.  Since each short sale is handled differently depending on your hardship and your lender, it is imperative to make sure the Cherry Hill realtor you decide to work with has this certification.


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