How to Sell Your Home Quickly and for Top Dollar in South Jersey

In South Jersey, there is a ton of inventory for sale with many listings coming to market and staying on market.  When it comes time for you to sell your home, there are a few things that you should consider if you want to sell it fast and for top dollar.

1. Price It Correctly, Right From the Beginning:

For most homeowners when it comes times to sell their home, the majority THINK it is worth much more that what the market bears.  Many sellers look at what they owe on the mortgage or how much a house in the neighborhood sold a year ago, and use that as  a  barometer for what they hope they can get for their home.  In South Jersey, we are bombarded with the media telling us how bad the market is, and yet when it comes time for getting the home ready for market, many homeowners are in denial about the value of their home.  It is imperative to price your home correctly, from the beginning, and not chase the market down by listing it a little higher and hoping you get an offer then reduce, reduce, reduce.  If you list it too high, it will sit on the market while you make mortgage payments and months tick by. When you have a home priced right, right from the beginning, you will have an offer in 30 days or less, no matter what the market.  A home under contract in under 30 days was priced right, and will ultimately sell for higher than any home on market for 6+ months.

2. You are in a Beauty Contest:

With so many choices to today’s buyers, it is imperative that your South Jersey home looks the best it can.  Buyers today can get more for their money and when they have a choice between a home with a dated kitchen and one with stainless steel and granite, they are going for the upgraded one.  Now, I am by no means suggesting to go out and start spending money to get your home upgraded, but what I am saying is given the same price points, the updated, clean, and tasteful homes ALWAYS sell faster.  While many people “want a deal” most people want to get the most they possibly can for the amount of money that they want to spend. Having a clean and updated home is now a necessity in todays market, rather than just an added perk.

3. Make the right business decisions:

As hard as this may seem, try to remember that you should never take anything personal when it comes to selling your home.  After you choose a realtor, they will most likely give you advice on how to price and prepare your home.  It is by no means to offend you, but to rather help you successfully sell your home.  Buyers will come by and give feedback, and sometimes, you won’t like it, but again, taking it personally is the worst thing you can do.  For the most part, your first offer is traditionally your BEST offer, so its important to take it seriously and consider it a business decision.  Put yourself in the buyers shoes.  Consider what you would agree to pay for your home in todays market.  What features would you expect in a home? What payment would you feel comfortable making for what amenities that you are getting?  One day, you too will be a buyer, and you will want to get the best house for the best deal too.  At the end of the day, remember it is just a buyer and a seller agreeing to what they comfortably want to spend and sell for a home.  Looking at it objectively without emotion is the best way to prepare yourself.

4. Consider all options:

Make sure you think about the reasons of why you need to sell.  Are you relocating? Did you have a new addition to the family?  Have your needs changed?  Sometimes reminding yourself of what you need to sell will make selling your home easier for you.  Many families in South Jersey may even owe more on the mortgage than the home is worth, or may have experienced a financial hardship such as a death or job loss.  For those families, considering a Short Sale, could be a good option to get out of a bad situation and save your credit.  Oftentimes, people might consider renting their home versus selling.  There are many options in todays market, and it makes sense to consider all the pros and cons of each option.

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