How to Get Multiple Offers on Your South Jersey Home For Sale

Lately, all we hear is that it is a “buyers market” when talking about South Jersey Real Estate.  In many popular towns including Mount Laurel, Medford, Marlton and Cherry Hill, there are lots of options for today’s buyers.  Buyers really have their pick of the litter when they are looking for a home to purchase.

How Does A Home Get Multiple Offers?

Often when we are on listing appointments, sellers will say, “I do not want to price my home too low. I am afraid that I won’t have room to negotiate.”  Well, sadly, that opinion, could not be further then the truth.  Today, it is even more important in South Jersey, to price your home at market value.  Market value is the level that a buyer and seller have agreed to sell and buy a particular home, otherwise known as a “comp.”

There are times when we take on new listings that were previously expired, listed for a long time on the market or were for sale by owner properties that never got any activity.  Most the time we hear how there were few appointments or no offers.   These homeowners can go on to getting the home staged, marketed, and prepared for market where they get a ton of activity and multiple offers.

What Makes a Buyer Make an Offer?

After a buyer has looked at a few homes for sale in South Jersey, they realize what they want exactly or the motivation changes from “just looking” to “we need to buy.”  It could be a job transfer, or maybe a baby on the way, but at some point, every potential buyer increases the motivation when they get to a certain point.  Some buyers start their search as early as years out, whereas other buyers are making decisions in a matter of days.  Each buyer is different.

When they have found the home they are looking for, they know.  They also are motivated to put in an offer on the home.  They know they want it, and they know it’s time.  So, how do multiple offers come into play?  In South Jersey, as with any market, once a buyer hears that there is an offer on a property, now it makes them want it even more!  It’s as though someone stole their bone. Buyers begin to think, if that person wanted that house for sale, then I must be missing out.  Shortly after, the offer is placed.

If I am a seller and Looking to Get Multiple Offers, What Do I do?

When it has been decided that you are ready to sell your home, you want to do everything you can in order to get the highest price possible.  Of course, before contacting a realtor, you should get your home in order.  Anything you can quickly and easily fix, you should.  This way, when the realtor arrives, you are able to take his or her suggestions and implement them.  Make sure to really interview the realtor and know that you feel comfortable working with them.  Many times people will contact a friend of the family or a family member who moonlights as a realtor, just because they do not know anyone else to call or they feel obligated.  Keep in mind, this is most likely your largest investment and you should use the most talented person you can find.

A great realtor will know how to use the right professional resources.  They might have  a stager, a professional photographer or a background in something that will help with the sale of your home.  Make sure that the realtor you have selected is confident about the comps, finding you a buyer and the marketing plan they choose to work with.   Picking the right realtor from the beginning can be the difference between a great and successful transaction and a long, tired process.

If your home is priced correctly, marketed with a good plan, and your realtor is hardworking, there is no reason why you should not receive multiple offers, even in a buyers market.  Recently, our team was able to get multiple offers on our last two listings.  We were able to do this because the properties were advertised to a large network of buyers and investors and the homes got a ton of appointments.  We mention this example to give you hope that there is a chance for multiple offers in ANY market!

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