How eEdge websites are helping Keller Williams realtors

In 2011, Keller Williams launched the first ever agent business platform, eEdge.  eEdge is a solution that allows Keller Williams realtors a implement a “lead-to-close” system.   There are many features of eEdge that make it appealing including:

1. Lead Capture 

As visitors are on your website searching for listings they are prompted to enter their information after the 2nd search if they want to keep searching (and they do!) This information is generated to the agent in real time so that the agent can respond to the lead in a matter of minutes.

2. Email

Each lead resides in the eEdge database.  From there, agents can email clients directly, set them up with listing reports and track what they are doing on the website.  In addition, clients are placed on a drip where they will get emails automatically from the agent every so often to help the agent in moving the sale forward.

3. Marketing and Advertising

eEdge also offers the ability to market your listings, design CMAs and create links to potential clients with properties they may be interested in.  For potential buyers, there are different search parameters that they can specify when visiting your website.  Searching is seamless to the end user as they can search by type of property, price ranges, features, neighborhoods and even short sales or REOs.

4. Online Portal for paperless transactions

One of the other great things about the Keller Williams eEdge  system is the offering of an online portal.  The online portal make taking the lead to contract to close all in a paperless fashion.  With the ability to complete the entire transaction as well as share with other co-op agents, eEdge has revolutionized the way business is done today.


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